Digidrop MCAT



Specifications of the instrument

Contact angle accuracy: +/-0.1°

Reproductibility of the measure : +/-0,1° ( conditions are required)

Range of contact angles: 0 – 180°

Surface energy range: 0 – 1000 mN/m

Maximum frames recording speed: 50/60 images/s ( this is the STD value. Other speeds are available depending on the application)Zoom: x10 and x20

Substrate holder: 100mm x 100 mm

Syringes type supplied: Borosilicate glass and plastic

Needles type supplied: 10 different gages are supplied for different ST values, different Oil and different viscosity.

Standard maximum size of the sample:

Thickness: 130 mm - Depth : 150 mm - Length : from 150 mm up to infinite

if you get long samples the mobile arm will be placed behind the backlight

Other sizes of samples are available depending on application. Can be done specifically

Optional Humidity generator

Humidity generated range: 0% - 99%

Humidity analysed: 5% - 95%

Temperature sensor range: - 50°C – 500°C ( not with the same sensor)

Width of the instrument : STD 19 "

Power supply: 90V – 230V

Frequency: 50 Hz- 60 Hz

Above : Vallourec Installation
Above : Installation at European Institute of Membrane

  With this instrument you can measure:

With this instrument you can measure:

Contact angle on flat, curved and non-horizontal surfaces.

Surface Energy (resp. Surface Tension) of substrate (resp. liquid) to calculate polar or AB, dispersive or LW, monopolar acid and monopolar basic component

Contact angle and surface energy at different level of humidities and control fo the saturation of the vapour

Degreasing efficiency of oil on soil or metals

Efficiency of surfactants 

The DGD-MCAT is a powerful modular and sturdy scientific instrument dedicated to surface chemistry studies.

Everything has been thought to make the study of the scientist easy without neglecting the cost of the space in a lab.

Moreover, the software is very easy to use

Different sizes and temperature controlled chambers are available depending on the application. The liquid inside of the syringe can be regulated in temperature too.

In case of the use with a humidity generator , the chamber will be small 50 mm x 70 mm to speed up the humidity equilibrium. The value of the humidity and temperature is displayed on the results table for a correlation between contact angle and humidity.

A optional manual Y-axis table is supplied with this chamber to move the sample forward and backward






Demo for
 Automatic Humidity Generator