3S R&D tensiometer for scientists who wants more..

Specifications of the instrument 

Contact angle accuracy:                  +/-0.1° or  0,01° or 0,001° depending on the sensor selected 

Reproductibility of the measure :                   +/-0,1° 
or better depending on the sensor

Range of contact angles:                               0 – 180°

Interfacial tension range:             0,005 – 2000 N/m depending on the sensor selected 

Fully software controlled, servo motor driven fully automatic up/down movement of the table with speed 0.1 mm/s to 20 mm/s . Position resolution 1 mm. 

Direct continuous ONLINE data collection

Display of the temperature, speed of container, weight and movement status in dynamic on the computer screen, value of the surface temperature 

Fully illuminated large sample area with good working space. 

Sample beaker (container) of 70 mm, 50 mm and 20 mm (depending on options)  diameter in borosilicate glass. 

Temperature control
-20°C up to 200°C using Peltier effect and heaing resistance (option)

Optional Humidity generator

Humidity generated range:                      0% -99%  

Humidity analysed:                                     5% - 95%

Temperature sensor range:             - 50°C – 500°C ( not with the same sensor)


With this instrument you can measure depending on options selected: 

 Contact angle with a reproductibility of 0.1°, 0.01°,0.001° on flat surfaces but both faces similar.

Wetting and dewetting efficiency from contact angle hysteresis

Surface Energy (resp. Surface Tension) of substrate (resp. liquid) to calculate polar or AB, dispersive or LW, monopolar acid and monopolar basic component of solid, powder and fibers

Studies of the variations of the
surface  energy components vs the % of modification of the treatment

Solubility liquid/liquid, Solubility liquid/solid

Wetting envelop

Contact angle and surface energy at different level of humidities and control fo the saturation of the vapour

Knowledge of interfacial tensionsliquid/liquid

Total Knowledge technology about surfactants

Stability of surfactants

Sedimentation speed

A tensiometer has become a standard instrument in laboratory. But you will be yet surprised by our 3S tensiometer.

Powerful software
3S tensiometer are supplied with 2 levels of software a basic one for beginners and advanced one for scientists. You will be able to measure solutions and parameters not yet developed with other equipments. Let  talked about your applications. 

Aluminium Cast Aisles
No tensiometer are supplied with Aluminium Cast aisles to stabilise the tensiometer, to insure a good safety in your results.The 3S Tensiometer by GBX is alone to supply this feature. 

Glass and Plexiglas windows
Plenty of tensiometers are supplied with Plexiglas windows. The 3S tensiometer offers glass or Plexiglas as a choice because you don’t want the Plexiglas to react due to hazardous vapour or liquid. 

Video and Images
3S Tensiometer can be easily transformed in ILMS (Interfacial lab module system) where you can add a video camera to record your phenomena in images and video and not only with ASCII  data. Plenty of tensiometers have curved windows. Not good for recording images and videos. 

Humidity and Solvent generator
3S Tensiometer by GBX is alone to be able to provide a built in humidity or solvent generator to save space in your lab

Visualisation of the interfaces 
The liquid is controlled in temperature using Aluminium double side walled jacket. So the interface is not visible with other system unless you use a circular beaker controlled in temperature . With 3S-R&D tensiometer the interface is easily visible thanks to a very specific design.

Temperature controlled
The liquid can be controlled either by cryogenic bath or Peltier effect or by using resistive elements

Ethernet controlled
Our tensiometer are fully Ethernet controlled (option)