Cleanning of your syringe, sampling line and needle
Before starting a mesurement, it is very important to be sure that your syringe, sampling line and needle is perfectly cleanned.

This page is dedicated to insure a good practice of this procedure.

Preparation of your procedure  
  • A bottle of aceton
  • A bottle of ethanol ( high grade)    
  • A cleanned beaker (be sure the beaker is cleanned) with high grade water        
  • A clean Pasteur Pipette
  • A syringe
  • A sampling line
  • A needle

Case of a manual syringe

  • Unscrew the two aluminium parts ( Photo 1)
  • Pull out the glass syringe (Photo 2).
  • Disamble the piston from the main body (Photo 3)
  • Flush the body of the syringe , the sampling line and needle with aceton (3 times), then ethanol (3 times)  and at the end with water (3 times)
  • Don't forget to clean the piston of your syringe too.
  • Let everything dry either in an oven or wait to be sure it is dry. Especially if you have to use very hygroscopic liquids.