Fast-lab water activity meter

Specifications of the instrument

Accuracy: +/- 0,0015 up +/- 0,003 depending on options

Repetatibility on salts: +/- 0,001 of AW

Response time from 45 s  up to hours depending on options

Water activity, Free water
Description of the instrument

The Fast-lab is a water activity meter for quality control and research applications of the water activity of food and pharmaceutical products. Water activity indicates how tightly water is bound in a product. It is a direct measurement of the active or ‘free’ water in a product that is available to participate in the chemical reactions that promote spoilage and bacterial growth.
The Fast-lab uses chilled dew point technology to measure water activity. This fast technique involves the measurement of the relative humidity in an enclosed chamber that contains a sample of the product being studied.
The Fast-lab can be used on almost any product either by placing a small amount of product in the sample cup – or for large products such as whole cheeses – by applying the measuring head to the cheese surface.
A unique feature of the Fast-lab is the measuring chamber, which is a sealed chamber independent of the sample cup, designed to prevent contamination of the seal by the sample.
Also the Fast-lab is microprocessor controlled so that the user can easily set up dynamic studies to plot the change of water activity over time; data log a series of measurements; view the sample temperature and adjust the fan speed so that powdery products are not disturbed. The Fast-lab is supplied ready to use with instructions, and sample cups.

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