Water activity, Free water

Description of the instrument

The Fast-lab is a water activity meter for quality control and research applications of the water activity of food and pharmaceutical products. Water activity indicates how tightly water is bound in a product. It is a direct measurement of the active or ‘free’ water in a product that is available to participate in the chemical reactions that promote spoilage and bacterial growth.

The Fast-lab uses chill
ed dew point technology to measure water activity. This fast technique involves the measurement of the relative humidity in an enclosed chamber that contains a sample of the product being studied. 

The Fast-lab can be used on almost any product either by placing a small amount of product in the sample cup – or for large products such as whole cheeses – by applying the measuring head to the cheese surface.
A unique feature of the Fast-lab is the measuring chamber, which is a sealed chamber independent of the sample cup, designed to prevent contamination of the seal by the sample.
Also the Fast-lab is microprocessor controlled so that the user can easily set up dynamic studies to plot the change of water activity over time; data log a series of measurements; view the sample temperature and adjust the fan speed so that powdery products are not disturbed. The Fast-lab is supplied ready to use with instructions, and sample cups.



Rugged metal construction

Large 7" touch screen

Modern communication

Ethernet for easy computer & network connections

SQL export of results to PC

Optional and modular NFC contactless communications for safety, traceability, and quick instrument settings depending on end user requirements

Easy to use and navigate

Control by Touch screen and buttons and mouse and remotely by PC  

Automatic start after loading of the sample  

No cooling fan

The new powerful electronics supplied with this water activity meter ( activite de l'eau) requires no cooling fan to avoid dust and débris getting Inside the instrument  electronics and no cleaning of fan filters.

No cooling fan for the 20°C -  25°C range peltier temperature control of the sample and the chamber (Optional) thanks to a smart electronic control board and the correct use of materials for the sensor. Also avoiding damage from dust and debris.

Easy and Fast service

No need to send back the unit. The instrument can be remote controlled via the internet without the need of a PC to evaluate the problem and perform software update

The measurement head / sensor can easily be swapped and replaced for quick and effective service thanks to its new internal design.


Accuracy from +/-0.003 down to +/-0.001 of AW

Range from 0.050 up to 1.000

Measurement  time from 2 min per sample

Up to 20 years of saved data ( for 200 measurements/day)

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